GPBC Annual Baby Day Celebration and Nursery Workers Appreciation!

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Sunday May 21, 2017 at 11am and 6pm

We know that children are “a gift from God” and each year we desire to do more than talk about it!

Several years ago we set aside the Sunday after Mother’s Day as a day that we would celebrate the joy of Babies here at GPBC!

This Sunday, we are going to have all babies from birth to 2 years old come into the service accompanied by their parents for a special prayer of dedication.

We will also be presenting each one with a beautiful New Testament. A blue one for the little boys, and a pink one for the little girls. We will also be taking pictures to remember this event.

So dress them in their “Sunday best” and bring them to church this Sunday morning!

This is also a great opportunity to invite unchurched families and parents of babies to come for this celebration!

Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God.” 

Please pray that like our Lord, we will be known as a church that loves children!

On Sunday Night at 6pm we will also show our love and appreciation to all of our Nursery workers here at GPBC!

There are over a 60 different ladies that serve faithfully in this necessary ministry, as well as our four Nursery Directors! We will express our appreciation for each of these ladies Sunday night for their love and labor here at GPBC!

Pastor Rick Adams

Please don’t miss it!

See you Sunday!


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Mother’s Day Is This Sunday! May 14, 2017

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Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my mother.”

Someone else said’ “Being a mother is not easy. If it was easy, Fathers would do it!”

If I could, I would tell my mom, “Because of who you were, I am who I am today! I Love you!”

It is only right that we set aside a special day to honor mothers! It would do us well to remember that long before it became a presidential proclamation, honoring mothers was God’s idea!

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” Exodus 20:12

That is exactly what we are going to do this Sunday!

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts to your mother would be for you to bring your mother to church this Sunday.

Every mother that attends this Sunday will not only be honored in our service but they will also receive a refreshing and delicious gift from GPBC!

If your mother is in Heaven (like mine is), or perhaps unable to attend with you this Sunday, please use this as an opportunity to invite and adopt another mother to be your mother” at GPBC this Sunday!  Who knows? It may be the one event that will change her life for eternity!

I am praying for God to give us a great day!

God bless you! See your Sunday!

Pastor Rick Adams


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100% Sunday

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We are living in a day where numbers and percentages play a huge role in our life and society.

When percentages are considered, we may be referring to the chance of rain today, the interest rate of a mortgage, the shooting stats of a NBA player or the percentage of votes received for a political candidate.

It can also refer to the grade of a particular hill that you are running or driving, the amount of alcohol in a bottle of liquor, the amount of oxygen in your lungs; and the amount that a heart performs after a heart attack.

For some Christians it can also refers to the validity of the Bible as being totally the Word of God, the amount that we give in our stewardship, the balance of our time in ministry, family and the work, the commitment of a person to restore a broken marriage or relationship.

But in measure of our commitment to Jesus Christ the question that demands an answer is are we 100% committed? Jesus said, If a man is going to follow Him “let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

This Sunday, May 7 is 100% Sunday! I am asking our teachers to seek and to contact 100% of their class members and prospects to have 100% attendance this Sunday! Unless you are working, ill or providentially hindered please make plans to be with us at church! Heb 10:25

On Sunday Morning I will be preaching on How to be 100% sure that you are a Christian? Please come and bring a friend with you!

On Sunday Night we will have Golden State Baptist College as our special guests! They will provide the special music and meet with the teens and college age young people during the Snack Attack after church if they are interested in pursuing an education to prepare for ministry or to enhance their Christian Life!

It is going to be a great day! But if you are not here we will not be 100% So please come and grow with us!

Pastor Rick Adams

God bless!


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New Men of Integrity Session Begins May 5

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Calling all men! 

You are challenged to become a Man of Integrity, developing the characteristics of a man who is growing in faith in Jesus Christ.  Join us beginning this Friday, May 5, at 6am, as we begin our next session of Men of Integrity.  

Our new study guide is “A Man and His Country” and is available in the foyer or at the Friday meeting for just $10.

Make the commitment!  Make meaningful life changes to live for Christ!  Join us for Men of Integrity, Fridays at 6am.

You’ll be glad you did!

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