Northwest Children’s Rally

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Saturday, March 7, 2020, 9am-3:30pm

The Northwest Children’s Rally at GPBC is Saturday, March 7, 2020 from 9am-3:30pm.

The Northwest Children’s Rally challenges children in 1st through 6th grades in competitions that test their knowledge and skills in the Bible, Music, Games and Athletics.

Children can participate in individual and group competitions, and there will be great prizes and awards to win.

This year, our guest preacher for the NWCR will be Pastor Adam Pearlstein, a new pastor to the Northwest working in the greater Seattle area.

Registration is now open, and is just $20 per child if registered by February 16 ($25 after Feb 16). Non-Delegate Attenders (chaperone, parent, etc) are $5 each (add $7 if the Non-Delegate Attender would like to purchase a NWCR tee shirt).

You can Register Online, or download the Registration Forms and Study Guides.

NWCR Study Guide
Registration Form

We look forward to seeing you at the Northwest Children’s Rally!

Assistant Pastor Scott McFeters
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A Church with 2020 Vision

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Once every ten years we have the opportunity to witness the dawning of a new decade!

This year is dedicated to the express purpose of being a Church with 2020 Vision.

When we visit the optometrist to have our vision checked, the doctor always has us view letters and numbers through a variety of different lenses. You know the drill! The goal is to find the right lens that gives us the clearest and sharpest vision for our prescription.

As this New Year begins, we must remember that no matter what 2020 brings us, our eyes must be locked on the God of the Past, Present and the Future!

We must adjust vision through the lens of our Savior, Jesus, Name above all names!

We must focus on the Scriptures for our journey to be successful! We must endeavor more than ever to be a Spirit-filled Church with a Heart for Souls!

If we will adjust our vision through these four lenses it will not only be clear but it will be consecrated!

As we start 2020 let us do so Looking unto Jesus, Loving God’s Word, Living in the Power of His Holy Spirit, and Laboring in God’s harvest filled for souls! 

May God bless you and GPBC as we seek to be a Church with 2020 Vision!


Pastor Rick Adams

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Saturday and Sunday January 4-5, 2020

Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. of Christian Law Association will be our guest at GPBC Sat and Sun Jan 4-5, 2020!

Dr David Gibbs Jr

First, on Saturday, January 4, 2020 he will speak at the GPBC Men’s Leadership Breakfast at 8:00am! The cost is only $3 for a delicious man-sized breakfast and spiritual feast to be served as Dr. Gibbs speaks to the men of GPBC!

Then on Sunday, January 5, 2020 Dr. Gibbs will speak to all of the Adult and Teen Classes during the Sunday School hour at 9:45 am. He will also be preaching during both the 11 am and 6 pm services.

Dr. Gibbs is a longtime favorite preacher and friend of GPBC! He is a seasoned preacher with God’s obvious anointing upon him. Please make plans to come and be blessed!

Please be sure to invite and bring your unsaved or unchurched friends with you to hear Dr. Gibbs.

It could be a Sunday that they will remember in eternity!

We’ll see you on Sunday!


Pastor Rick Adams
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Year End Gifts

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If you wish to make a year end gift for 2019 to the ministries of Greater Portland Baptist Church, please be sure that your gift is received in the offering plate by Sunday, December 29.

Online gifts should be initiated by December 29 to ensure we receive them by Tuesday, December 31.

Thank you for your giving and support for the ministries of Greater Portland Baptist Church. Your gift helps us continue “making a difference in Portland and around the world! (Jude :22)”

God Bless You!

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